(No Loss Credential Validation)

PEAK is a cutting-edge platform integrated service. Watch us disrupt an entire industry and emerge as a thought leader in defining NLCV (No Loss Credential Validation) while ushering in a new, innovative form of engagement. Our platform puts security at the forefront, creating a safe and private space for your colleagues to mint or revoke transcripts and certificates for institutions and third party providers on Ethereum Virtual Machines.

What Set's Peak Apart?

Platform Integrated NFT’s to create NLCV (No Loss Credential Validation)


  • Users will have the ability to mint or revoke!
  • The platform will analyze a users NFT collection and create a unique virtual experience
  • NFTs will unlock consumer security through No Loss Credential Validation

We protect our customers with quantum resistance for security

Mint or revoke transcripts and certificates for institutions and third party providers

Live Tech Support

Platform integrated NFT's on Ethereum Virtual Machines

Developing smart contracts

Mobile Friendly & Compatible

"A digital events pioneer for the future of virtual events. After being on Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings all week, it was enjoyable to participate in the two-day event. This platform is truly unique being able to host a virtual event with hundreds of users while facilitating guest speakers, panel discussions, and table conversations."
Director of Emerging Technology and Health Innovation
Tampa General Hospital
"The navigation was simple and like being on an onsite conference floor. I could move from booth to booth and floor to floor at my own pace with the drag and drop feature of my avatar. The other big benefit from the experience was there was no time spent walking to and from anywhere or getting lost trying to find the right booth. I also avoided the aching back and feet at the end of the day. Overall, I felt I was more engaged, less frustrated, and my focus greatly improved so I felt I got more out of the sessions."
Chief Information Security Officer
John Hopkins All Children's Hospital

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